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Comparitive Scenario value not working for certain month

We've created an app used for our financials with other various attributes along with it. Created comparative views for comparative analysis with base and compare selectors for Month, QTR, YTD, and FY with variables for each. For example Month = vMonth for Scenario 1 (BaseScenario) and Month = vMonth2 for Scenario 2 (CompareScenario). This has been working perfectly or so I thought until we select the month Dec for either Base or Compare, when we select this, all of our data in our Straight Table goes away. Does anybody have a clue why this would work for 11 months and then on a given month(just so happens to be the 12th) the data would go away. And we definitely have the data for December its just not viewing. Let me know if you need to see the QVW I can upload it with scrambled data.

Thanks in advance!

Message was edited by: Brett Buckingham Here's the qvw.

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Creator III
Creator III

Do you use State functionality for the comparative analysis? Would be better if you can post your app sample here.

For each Month field in the sheet you need to point different Alternate state, like State1, State2.

And then in the chart expression use set analysis with : Month = [State1]::Month

SUM ({<$(Month = [State1]::Month)>}[Measure])))