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Complex Aggregation Help

Hi everyone,

Need your help with respect to this.
At a most granular level I have product and market with their product sales and market sales . I want the Market Volume to be calculated for the product based on a formula like

Primary Market+Secondary Market1+min(Secondary Market2,Primary Market)

For example:

For territory A and Product1

Market Volume=100+20+min(30,100)=150

This calculation has to be done for each territory,product combination and the roll up on district or region should also work .

Can we do this in Qlikview?

TerritoryProductMarketProduct SalesMarket Sales
AProduct1Primary Market10100
AProduct1Secondary Market1020
AProduct1Secondary Market2030
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Creator II
Creator II

Hi Kaushik,

Please see is the attached qvw helps



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Hi Abey,
Thanks for your speedy reply .
I have a doubt here . If we use any other dimension for the chart .Lets say District instead of territory .

So  Now we want the market volume of each District.
The market volume should be calculated on the districts and then the roll ups should happen .
Is that possible.

The way it works right now is that it rolls up the different market (Primary,secondary 1 and secondary 2) first and then uses the formula .

I want just the roll ups on the district .Please look a the below example

Secondary Market 2Secondary Market1Primary MarketMarket Volume
Territory 115001016003110
Territory 2500550105


Required(On Rollup)


I have tried using the formula as indicated in the QVW that you attached.

Creator II
Creator II


I am not sure if you are referring to the partial sum option. For that you will have to make the chart as pivot and then in presentation tab you will get the option for enabling the partial sum for the required dimension (in this case District).

If that is not the issue, please post a sample qvw.



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Hi Abey .
I dont think partial sum will help .Please see the attached QVW

The market volume should be 3215 instead of 3315. Please also see my previous comment which I have updated.
I am not a pro in Qlikview but does the answer lie in using aggr function ?

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HI Abey,
Nailed it .Thanks for your help .
The aggr function based on territory first creates a virtual table where we can aggregate based on our formula.

Then we can do the rollup on district using Sum().

Please look at the attached QVW

Abey Chandy