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Contributor II
Contributor II


Hello everyone!

Im New to QLik and after trying myself for a couple of hours I would appreciate some help in the following matter:

I have Sales (GpreisNettoRabattZuZahl) Date 1 (Rechnung.Datum.autoCalendar.Month) and Date2 ([Datum.autoCalendar.Month]) as Data.

I want to Show Sales ONLY when Date 1 is bigger than the smallest Date 2.

I currently use this: IF([Rechnung.Datum.autoCalendar.Month] >= min([Datum.autoCalendar.Month]), Sum(GPreisNettoRabattZuZahl), '0')


Now, I believe im currently missing the bigger Picture behind my plan because the following Problems occur.

In a table the final sum on top Shows 0 due to the if criteria, but i would like it to Show the sum of of the of all my Sales that fits the criteria. 

And another Problem or Maybe the same. As Long as my Table has the Row Rechnung.Datum.autocalendar.Month it works fine with the numbers beeing shown or 0 beeing shown. For example: I wanna see January in Total. 1.1.2018 Shows a number 2.1.2018 Shows a Zero so in total for january i get 0. But i want the Sum of Sales that fits that criteria without the sum of the ones not Fitting it.


I appreciate ur help! 

Kind regards:

Philipp Riewaldt



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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

You need to enforce this calculation on your needed dimension-level. For this you could use aggr() maybe in this way:

IF([Rechnung.Datum.autoCalendar.Month] >= min([Datum.autoCalendar.Month]), Sum(GPreisNettoRabattZuZahl)),
Dim1, Dim2))

where Dim1 and Dim2 are placeholder for the dimensions in which context the calculation is applied (often it are the fields from the chart but it may differ in your case especially if you do not want to display all of these granularity).

- Marcus