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Container changing size live

I was wondering if you know why my container in a working version is slightly different on live version.

The problem is that in the live version version the tabs (i.e. "Faculty", "Department", "Programme") on container are wider (they take 50% of the width of the whole container) and so when I have programmes with longer title under the tab "Programme", it is difficult to use as people have to do lots of scrolling to the right.

Please find attached an image of working and live versions.

Any solutions?



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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

With working and live versions you mean the desktop client and the ajax-client per access point? If I look on my applications (in QV 11 SR12) I see the same behaviour and therefore I think it's a "feature" from ajax-client which css-part for the tabs of the container-box isn't optimized like it could (this might change with one of the future realeases).

- Marcus


The sizing of objects can change slightly between the QlikView desktop and Ajax client. You can preview this by selecting the Web View option on the design toolbar in QV Desktop.


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Hi Colin and Marcus

Thanks both. I use QV11.00.11 282.0 SR1.

When I say live version I mean the version I publish online (I think it is the ajax client)

I tried the web preview and the same issue occurs.

I guess there is no solution but it might be fixed in one of the future QV releases.




Dear Ewa

Unfortunately Tabs inside container object are wider using AJAX client. There is no possibility to change this behavior as far as I know. I also faced the same problem before and the only solution was to switch the position of the Tabs to Top or Bottom of the container object. (Properties -> Presentation -> Appearance)

Hope this helps you.