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Correct use of quoting settings

Hi All

I'd appreciate some advice on the best method to apply when loading flat files into Qlikview.

I usually use the default 'msq'; my question is, should I just be using 'no quotes' everywhere, unless I specifically know that certain data is deliberately quoted?

I have a case where I have been using 'msq' for some time on a set of tab-delimited files that are produced daily. Last week we found that for 3 days some of the records did not load, and then the problem went away again. I did some testing, changing the quoting to 'standard' and then to 'no quotes'. Both of these options loaded all the records, while 'msq' loaded only some.

What is the best setting to use in general?

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I've been looking into this aswell - the problem is, I have no idea what MSQ is. I think it stands for Modern Style Quoting. It possibly has to do with different types of double-quote marks? E.g. the following are two different types of quote characters (look closely!) - the first is from MS Word, the second from Notepad:


However I haven't tested this. I suggest you take a careful look to see if you have different styles of quote marks in your tab-delimited files.

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If no quotes are to be accepted in the text file,
the no quotes specifier should be used. By default, the quotes " " or ' ' can be used,
but only if they are the first and last non blank character of a field value.
The no quotes specifier is only relevant for txt files. msq indicates
that modern style quoting is assumed.