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Count in script load not possible ?

Having search the forum for days I can't understand why my load doesn't work. I want to do a simple count(field) as CountedField in my load, but the log shows General script error. My syntax is:

Load *,

count(field) as CountedField

Resident Table

Sort by field;

I have also tried with group by instead of sort by but same error occours. Any ideas ?

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Partner - Creator III


You cannot use count like this, u must use aggregate function for it.

i.e. load count(Field1) as CountF1, Field2 resident xTab group by Field2

the fields u arer using in ur load must group by except count or sum fields.

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I think using the group by is correct. In this case you have to list all fields to be grouped that means "group by field1, ..., fieldn;" with only one exception: the count-field itself. I am quite sure that a wildcard is not allowed here, you have to list all fields in the LOAD as well as in the group by -clause. This is my experience.

Regards, Roland

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1. You should use Group By

2. In Load statement must be only fields that are used in Group By statement and aggregation functions

For example:

,count(Field) as cnt
Resident Table
Group By Field;