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Creator II
Creator II

Count of Customers who have never claimed before

Format for Period:MMM-YY(eg:Apr-13)

vNow=Date(max(TOTAL {Alt1} Period))



Nov-CustID A,B,C,D

Oct-CustID A,G,Y,H

Currently I have below expression to count claimants for past month. Assuming My current month (vNow) is Decemeber & past month is November. from below expression I get count as 4 for November A,B,C,D. But I want only the count for ID's which have never made claim.So for november count is only 3 B,C,D because A has previously used in October. How to modify below expression.

ePast1MonthClaimants=count(DISTINCT if(($(vNow) - Period>0) and ($(vNow) - Period <= $(vPrev1)), CustomerID))

My nearest try with error:

=count(DISTINCT{$<CustID=E({1<Period={"=(=CONCAT(Distinct IF(Period<$(vNow),Period),','))"}>}CustID)>} if(($(vNow) - Period>0) and ($(vNow) - Period<= $(vPrev1)),CustID))

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Hi Surya,

I've attached an example with some fake data that might help you.

Only thing is, that the expression if fixed with some values for the month and that it's only comparing with the last month, so if you have another logic you'd have to adapt it for additional months.