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Creating a flat table

I have some forecast sales data which is by product line, Month and Year. I then have customer data which has actual sales by product line, month and year.


The forecast data is for three years so I have 36 rows of forecast data for every product line.


My customer data will only go up to today's date so it will have three months data for each customer by product line, month and year.


What I was is my customer data to grow to the full three years even tho there is no actual customer data past the three months, I would still like to show the expected since month one and all the way to month 36.

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Not sure what you are asking for. Perhaps draw out examples of each table you have and what you would like the result to look like. 

The best I can tell is you want to see 36 months of data whether it is 3 months real and 33 months forecasted or 6 months real and 30 months forecasted. But it's unclear.