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Creator III
Creator III

Currency Format Issue

Hi All,

I have a straight table with multiple dimensions and a expression which indicates a currency value.

I have used if() to display the currency accordingly for thousand(10K), Million (1M), Billion(1B). This part is working fine.

Once this data is extracted into excel the currency values act as strings and further analysis (sorting,etc) cant be performed on them.

Is there a way i can have K,M and B in the straight table and while extracting these can be considered as numbers in excel files.

Appreciate your time and help!




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If your cell value contains values like 10.000 K or 10.0 M it should not be possible

I use the Headline of the column to distinguish the base of the value and Show sum in TEUR or sum Mio Euro and Show e.g. value as 10.000 or 10.

Only numbers are in the cells and Export to Excel works fine and Excel also shows the correct headline