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Current Selection Box - Field exclusion

Dear Community,

Is it possible to exclude certain fields from "Current Selection box"?

For example, user might not desire to look at field as shown below:

But they would like to see:

Thanks and best regards,


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Maybe you are looking for this...

Exclude field from current selections box

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Thanks for your fast response.

From his reply:

One way to do this is to name the fields you want to hide in the same way, for example all starting with %, then in your loading script put in

Set hideprefix='%';

after reload, open any chart properties and uncheck "Show system fields" at the bottom of the Dimensions tab and click OK to save the change.

By doing this, all fields with names starting with % are considered to be system fields and will not show up in current selection

Is it suitable for the case with Chart which has dimensions tab?

My field will be chosen from listbox, so i couldn't find "Show system fields"...

Best regards,


Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Create a dummy chart and select "show system fields" then delete the chart. Show System Fields will persist from then on and will be in your listbox field list.

Hope this helps,


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Show System Fields can also be activated to show in all charts by checking the same under 'General' tab of 'User Preferences'

Specialist II
Specialist II

In Script as of the post i learnt that


Set hideprefix='%'; and make a not which ever the field you want to exclude '%'Replace with Field Name

then reload . i.e (Set hideprefix='FieldNames';)

I tried it in my Doc its worked  hope you get the solutions