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Current Selection to a variable not showing all values

I created a variable to get values of a field from current selection. If the count of values selected are 6 then it's showing all selected values. If selected values more than 6 then it shows 7 out of n (like 7 out of 30). Not sure where to change the settings. I already made user preference setting of current selection box.

Settings-->User Preference-->Max values in Current Selection Box: made to 30

All values are showing in Current Selection box but not showing in Variable.

Can somebody help me?



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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

You need to adjust the third parameter of:

getfieldselection(field, delimiter, MaxNumberOfValues)

Alternatively you could also use concat(distinct field).

- Marcus



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Thank you very much Marcus and Massimo.... It really helps. Works perfect.

Master III
Master III

If your question is now answered, please flag the Correct Answer (via the big "Correct Answer" button near every post).

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Hello, I dont see the option to mark "Correct Answer". I only see Actions button wherein only "Helpful" Option appears. I already marked the posts as "Helpful"

Do let me know if you have any question.