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Specialist II
Specialist II

Data Modeling Question

Hi Community,

i have data modeling question,  let say i have three tables

table1, table2, table3

table1 conected to table2 by DealerCode, and table2 conected to table3 by Targetdate.

so now if i add, any column from table1 as a dimension, and i do sum(value) on a column in table3, so will it work,

i mean will it group data on dimension. 

and second thing is table viewer loads all the data, or only some data for view?

see the image please:



in the image created is date and has daily 1 value, and the target is monthly target which has monthly 1 value..

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Specialist II
Specialist II

Hello IsrarKhan,

I try always to format the dates all the same, when it comes to compare them (it does not matter if they are DD/MM/YYY or any other format, as long as they all hold the same format).


Not applicable

Not sure.

Normally yes because the dates are stored as numbers.

I will make a test by the end of the day (perhaps you will get the answer by then)



If they are stored as DATE after qlikview reads it, yes, they will link properly.

To assure they are stored as a DATE field, use the function Date#( DateField , 'date format') where the 'date format' should be the same as they appear in the original table.