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Date as Slider

Hi All,

I have two date  dimensions by name starts date and end date , i want to use both of this in a slider (Scale range ) how do i do that .

Can some one help me please

Thanks in Advance

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hi ,

You would be having the date field in your Db Tables .You can use Min (date) as start date or Max (date) as End date .

Start date  : MIn(Date)

End Date : Max(Date ) or Today().

if u dnt have , then use Make date () function to create a date.



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Please see attached qvd. MV

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Hey MV thanks for the reply

but my requirement is to have one slider for both the dates , not two , i hope u undesrtand now , i want to get start date and end date in a single slider

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Create a single field using both and then use i as a calendar date


LOAD F1,Date(Startdate) as Startdate, Date(Enddate) as Enddate INLINE [

    F1, Startdate, Enddate

    1, 01/01/2014, 01/10/2014

    2, 01/02/2014, 01/20/2014

    3, 01/03/2014, 01/13/2014

    4, 01/04/2014, 01/24/2014



LOAD distinct Startdate as CalendarDate

Resident Data;


load distinct Enddate as CalendarDate

Resident Data;

Use the CalendatDate as Slider date.