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Deleting First word

Hey guys.

I needa delete the first word in a field in the script so when the data is reloaded then they all change. e.g

Dog Biscuits

Dog Bites

Dog Food

I need to delete dog. How do I go abt doing that?

Thanks in advance

2 Replies

Use MID( FIELD , LEN(SUBFIELD( FIELD , ' ' , 1 )+1 )

Search for these functions to see more details / options

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mid(Product,5) as Product

where product is your field. and 5 is the 1st character you want to read in. you can use an expression to get this number if you had

hamster bites
hamster food
hamster biscuits

in the same table then you have something like,

mid(product,if(left(product,3) ='Dog',5,9)) as Product