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Difference between straight table and pivot table

I m new to qlikview.

Can you please explain diff between s and p table?

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From QV Help:

Pivot TableThe pivot table presents dimensions and expressions in table form. There is no formal limit to the number of dimensions or expressions possible.
A pivot table can be defined without expressions, generating a tree view for navigating the dimension levels.
Straight TableThe straight table differs from the pivot table in that it can not display subtotals and that the grouping of dimensions is shown in record form so that each row of the table contains field and expression values.

Some of the key difference are:

Straight tables allow interactive sorting, sorting is fixed by the sort order property in pivot tables.

Pivot tables allow you to have dimensions displayed on both rows and columns.

It used to be the case that straight tables only had a grand total, whereas pivot tables could have sub-totals by using the partial sum option. This is not such a clear-cut difference now that dimension limits allow sub-totals to be included in straight tables.

There is no dimension limits tab in Pivot Tables



No Grouping is possible in straight table..

You can't hide any column Pivot Table....


Also, multi selection is not possible in Pivot Table...

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One more attempt...

Pivot table is grouped by dimensions.  Hence it is not possible to sort in any order, but possible to have subtotals by dimensions.  Changing the order of dimensions modifies the table.

Straight table combines all possible values of dimensions.  Order of columns and rows is irrelevant, so you can sort in any way.  Subtotals don't make sense, but total is more flexible - can be "expression total" (as in pivot), or sum (avg, count max, min, etc...) of rows.



Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Pivot takes only expression total, while you can have sum of rows, total mode or expression total

--you can hide columns in stright table, u cant do that with pivot

--perfomance: faster in straight than pivot