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Direct Discovery limitations

I have created a table box using Direct Discovery but it will not let me send the table to Excel.  This is the first time I have tried out the DD functionality - is this a known bug? Or a QlikView limitation?

I did not see anything about it in the reference manual or Direct Discovery technical addendum and the data I am attempting to export is only 39 rows so it isn't that large.  Maybe there is a setting I am missing here?

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Excel Export is not mentioned in release notes in the part of known limitations of direct discovery. So either QlikTech hasn't realized of this limitation or it is indeed a bug,


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Champion III


Works for me, 4K+ rows, includes "measure" fields in expressions.

Did you change object ID of the table?  I had a similar problem when send to Excel stopped working because I used some unfortunate character in object ID.  Took me a while to find the reason .



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I have not changed the Object ID at all and am attempting to use the Send to Excel functionality from the Caption of the table.  It makes me think that maybe this is somehow not supported by Direct Discovery. Strange.

Thanks for the suggestions!