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Disable Sheet Object in Web Mode


   can any one help me ,

How can we disable the Sheet object either in Web View or IE view or a particular user should not see the Sheet object.



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Try Like below

Go to the properties of object, Layout tab, and set a condition like vVisible = 1 

Now create a new variable named vVisible in the variable overview menu(Ctrl + Alt + V), and a new button with an action that sets the variable to 1 or 0 so showing/hiding the object.

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

If it's just a kind of usability you could use a condition within the visibility like: if(osuser() = 'YourUser', false(), true()). However are these data confidential then you will need to use Section Access.

- Marcus


I suggest to use the Section access its dynamic and you handle more data protection scenarios

QlikView Section Access Examples