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Display chart to be static irrespective of any selection made in current selection box

I have a chart that I need to make static (does not change with selections made). But,the numbers and % on the chart need to change based on the TimeFrames selected. Dimension: Org divison

I have Variables in my expressions to control the timeframes:


I can't go and change the set anlysis expression of eDollars to 1 to ignore the selection.
because that variable is using in the entire dashboard for different graph and time frames. Please ,suggest how to make static.

Is there anything to do at dimension level to make static




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Former Employee
Former Employee

The only means to do what you are asking is the following:

It is only good for the session in which it is set though...

The only other means would be two separate data models within the same application I believe, one for the static chart and the other for whatever else you are doing.


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