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Display different value instead of expression value in bar chart


I have a bar chart  and i have an expression which calculate sales amount. When i am hovering on the bar chart sale amount shows 20,

but i want the amount should display 30 when hovering on it. Requirement is to use the logic in same expression .

No additional expression is required. Only the hover value should change on bars.

scale for bars should not change. but hover value should display value other than the current expression value..

I tried using Text as Popup , but it is appearing at every bar.

Please suggest.



2 Replies

please post a sample application to demonstrate the issue.




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Hi Marco,

I solve this issue by using different expression and by the help of custom popup.

But i am facing the below issue now.

I have two expression such as Revenue and Cost and bar as stacked , if i define Revenue expression

and tick text as popup the popup is also showing in Cost bar in stacked view. Is there any way that we can get rid off custom popup on a condition basis. Means if the stack section belongs to Revenue, revenue popup should display else if the stack section in bar chart is cost so the cost popup should display.