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Document CAL - create QV documents

Hi all,

At our company there's a growing number of people using QV, which is great.

I need to allocate new licenses to some of the team, and these are our requirements:

  1. Every user needs read access to one document on the QV server.
  2. Every user needs the ability to create documents on his/her own desktop.
  3. Documents created by these users should be editable by the QV administrator (which already has a Named CAL license)

Does a Document CAL support these requirements?

Thank you,

Assaf Milman

2 Replies
Partner - Master III
Partner - Master III

hi assaf

a user with a doc cal is able to create his own sheets and object in the web (if the model security allows him)

doc cal user aren't getting a lease license for their qlikview desktop software.

for a user to create his own documents , he will need qv installed  on his computer ,

using the personal edition which is free  he will be able to create qv models including loading the data,

he won't be able to open other users models.

the administrator with the named cal should be able to open all other users models,

but this means he'll need access to the actual qvw files.

Partner - Master
Partner - Master

Hi Assaf!

As Liron told you, the only restriction that the users will have if the create using Personal Edition, is that they have to start with a new qlikview document, they can not use some qvw that was created before.

You want that each user will be able to create model and app and all the users can see and use this app? or only the Users can use and see the app that they create( for example if i create an app, i am the only one who can use) instead of the adminsitrator.

Thank, Fernando K.