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Document and User CAL problems


I got an issue going on with the licenses distribution of the servers. I currently have around 5 available dashboard for different people. I manually assigned around 4 User CALs, for the people with access to all dashboard and developers.

For the rest of the people, I assigned some document CAL to the documents and enabled the option of dynamic CAL assignment.

I'm not sure why, but the server is not using this document CALs, but instead is giving named CAL for the users that are suppose to share the Document CALs. I don't know if this happens because i got the option of licence lease enabled, however the dynamic CAL assigned on the  name CAL is NOT enabled.

Does anyone know how i can restrict, that the licenses that allow dynamic CALs are the ones assigned at the document CAL for each document?

thanks for the help,


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Please can you share the screen shot of Named License Assignment.

BY looking at the details, user might have tried opening document from QV desktop with option of Open in Server. But again this will work only if he has been assigned Named Cal or Dynamic Assignment checkbox checked in Named CAL section.

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Thats what is wierd, i didnt assigned the licences to this people, but they still appear to have a licence at named licences.

You can see on the Pic2.jpg that there are 8 document CAL used, and 12 Named CAL, wich only 4 should be used and the rest of the people that appear on the Pic1.jpg should be using the document CAL.

thanks for the help