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Document share using IE or ajax

Hi All,

I have a document whih make use of macro's.Now whenever i share the url for my customer i give them IE where they should have qlikview plugin installed. But not everyone would have qv plugin but i cant go from ajax coz my macro doesnt work there...

what will be the best way to share the URL of access point?

Can anyone share me the better option asap?



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As far as I remember Session sharing only works with AJAX.





Most macros will not work with Ajax, that's by design, so you will have to either stop using macros and use for example direct actions or add the macro functionality as an external file added to any computer.

The Access point URL is always


Using by default the computer name where QlikView is installed and port 80. To use Plugin you need to open port 4747 as well.

Can you please elaborate on what do you want to achieve?


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I have written some encryption and decrypion logic and fit to window etc..such logics using macro.

Whenever user clicks on dashboard url he will be able to see the dashboard belonging to him.

Now the url we have shared is in IE mode to front end guys..so this makes the customer to have qvplugin installed in order to view dashboard.

but i cant ask all my customres to have qvplugin so is there any alernative so that user can view the dashboard without any thing to be installed?




Hi Prajna,

That would require some mapping in the web server according to your logic, and move it out of QlikView on to the web server. If these are macros, then most of the code could be reused in VBScripts or .NET dlls, but in any case, as external services to QlikView.