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Dual issue

Hi everyone,

I am have created a line chart. It has a unique temporal dimension which is a variable - $(vDim_Time), an expression which is also a variable - $(cv_exp_Country) - and a label for the expression, which is a variable too - $(cv_lbl_Country). And it works OK.

However, in order to optimize the space of the chart, I want to use the dual function. I have seen a simple example. Please check it below:


If(MonthYear=Max(total MonthYear), CategoryType, ''),



And according to my project, I wrote the following expression:


If($(vDim_Time)=Max(total $(vDim_Time)), $(cv_lbl_Country), ''),



But it does not work and I do not have a clue what I am doing wrong. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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It's impossible to tell what's wrong without being able to see the data and the contents of the variables. Can you post a small document with the relevant data?

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Thanks for your response. The definition of the variables mentioned above are:

let vDim_Time = 'Date([AsofMonthYear],' & Chr(39) & 'MMM-YY' & Chr(39) & ';                                             //Dimension

let cv_lbl_Country = 'GetFieldSelections([SubRegion])';                                                                               //Label

let cv_exp_Country= 'sum(TOTAL <AsofMonthYear> Sales)/count(Distinct CalendarMonthYear)';                   //Expression