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Contributor III

Dynamic Bar Chart Axis

Hi all,

I have Type A and Type B in the pivot table and a barchart.

Type A only display integers 

Type B only displays percentage

How can I set it such that when I click on Type A, the barchart axis shows integers but when I click on Type B, the barchart axis shows percentage. Dynamically changing axis based on what the type displays. 

Any help is appreciated! thanks  

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Assuming that Type A and Type B are values in a dimension you could do this.

Create two bar chart expressions, the integer expression and the percentage expression.

In the conditional show for the expressions type this. 

SubStringCount( Concat( DISTINCT '|' & YourTypesField & '|'), '|Type B|') = 1 


SubStringCount( Concat( DISTINCT '|' & YourTypesField & '|'), '|Type A|') = 1