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Dynamic Chart - formatting columns size and sorting


I've found this beaultiful example of dynamic filtering. I would like to enchance it a little bit, adding some useful stuff:

1. How to make the chart to adjust column size, so that all the characters of each record is visible? I changed the ID adding some more characters, and as you see, the column is not wide enough now... can I automate this wight adjustment in macro code for each column in the "Dynamic chart" table?

2. How to add sorting to the "Dynamic chart" , quite simple one: the first expression in the table is sorted in descending order?

Thanks a lot for your help


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Master II
Master II


1. Don't think its possible (except you manage to use PostMessage() from VBScript )

2. You can try to use =$() expressions (look at help 'dollar-sign expansions') to enchance your sample, they works not only with variables.