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Dynamic Update on qlikview web


I created a small application that uses dynamics on client qlikview and it works fine, however it does not work when I open it on web qlikview. Does the web version supports dynamic update? Here is what was done:

Create a variable in Variable overview window like below,

Variable Name: vSelections.

Definition :    =If(GetSelectedCount(Name)>0, Concat(Chr(39) & Name & Chr(39),  ',' ,50))

Create a button and select action as "Dynamic Update" and statement like below.

UPDATE TableName SET Value = '1123' WHERE Match(Name,$(vSelections))

Attached sample file against your sample input.

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I think it's supported.

AFAIR, there is an option on the server that you need to enable: 'Allow dynamic data update' (System - Setup - YourQVSServer - Security)

And I read somewhere that the user running the dynamic update should be included into the QV Admin group.


The Test.qvw works for me when I enable the " Allow dynamic data update" in the QMC.


Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

2 things that may be applicable.

1) Dynamic update does not work on Clustered Servers.

2) While not published anywhere I have confirmed that Dynamic Update does not work properly with QlikView 11.2 SR5 but will with later versions.