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Dynamic report updation with the current selections

Hi All,

I have a requirement where when the user selects the required selection from the dashboard, he wants them to be stored dynamically as a report and he needs to see the changes in the static report which he created and saved. For example:

If he selects a region and products and Date, where the charts gets dynamically updated in the dashboard, he wants the same changes to be applied in the report or bookmark saved. Can this be done in Qlikview? Please help me to do this. All your suggestions are much appreciated.

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Dynamic and static are contradictory. A report cannot be both static and dynamic. So the answer is no.

A bookmark is a stored set of selections. If you make different selections then you can use the bookmark to go back to the stored selections. If the bookmark was updated automatically the bookmark would be useless. It would just always be the current selections.

If you change selections and you want to store the selections then create a new bookmark or update an existing bookmark... manually. Ditto for static reports. Run the report again and store it as a pdf file.

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Sorry my mistake.. What I meant was Can the user update the current selections dynamically in the reports he saved before he prints them off?


Yes. A report will reflect the current selections. They're not hard coded in the report.

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