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DynamicUpdateCommand don't work


I have report where in macro is used DynamicUpdateCommand

for i=0 to 3
if Teams(i,1)>0 then
sSQL="update [Standings A] set Points = "&Teams(i,1)&" where Team_ID = '"&Teams(i,0)&"'"
set UpdateAction = ActiveDocument.DynamicUpdateCommand (sSQL)
end if

When I run this macro (on button press) macro edit windows appear with this line selected and there is no error messages. On 2 other computers this macro works fine.

I found that there is parameter 'Enable Dynamic Data Update', but it's checked on all computers

What else can be wrong?

BR, Andris

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i guess the only wrong thing is your operating system....

DynamicUpdateCommand just fails on windows vista, server 2008 and very probably seven

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OS is XP on all computers

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DynamicUpdateCommand is working perfect on Windows 7. Don't known about vista and 2008.


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I've seen one post that mentions the need to tick the "Enable Dynamic Data Update" check box on the Document properties' Server tab.

I'm trying to do this just in Developer, and ticking this doesn't work for me yet, but it did get me past the error you were expereincing.


Hey John I've got stuck with this stuff the whole day. Thanks for your useful reply.

I've uploaded an image about where to find the check button you need to click in the server tab of the document properties :