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Dynamically colored area chart

Hi guys,

I would like to create the area chart with dynamically colored segments in Qlikview. It seems to be impossible. Are there any suggestions?error loading image



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I've used the method outlined by John Witherspoon in this post to fill in a colour between two lines by creating a stacked area chart with the second expression showing the variance from the first expression (which has a white background).

However, only one colour will apply to the whole area per expression.

You could also try a Radar Chart which has an 'overlayed' sub type in the Style tab. If you make the first expression, the target, a red colour and the second overlay a transparent lighter colour it makes areas below target stand out a bit like your requirement.

Another alternative might be to show the varaiance as a bar chart and use an expression in the background colour to set values above 0 to green and below 0 to red,



Master II
Master II

Aside from the excellent suggestions above, another possibility is to create multiple expressions, one for each color, and then use set analysis or IF statements to plot the relevant segments in the relevant areas. This might get to be a hassle, but if you don't have too many colors, it shouldn't be too bad.


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Thanks, Vlad,

indeed I'm working on a solution to interpolate between points that cross zero in order to have a point at zero. Because otherwise the two expressions draw wrong areas.

The idea is taken from here:

If I have any positive results I will post it here.

Valera 🙂