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I have like 5 different etl document and each one depends on other, when one etl finish, start other etl document.

in this case, the reload option in the qmc set is "when a document finish ok" start the other document.

the thing is if one of the etl fail, the other etl do not run, because his father or something up in the process failed.

there is a way to  controle and check that?

check that if run ok reload, but if run fail, reload too?

or i have to take out the dependency and set a time to reload for each document and calculet when one finish put the other?

thank you a lot


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If you want one task reloads no matter what happened with last one, you should use time slots to control that.

Task 1 - starts at 10:00

Task 2 - Starts at 11:00


To prevent concurrency, there´s a parameter under System/QlikViewServer/Performance that controls how many tasks will run at same time