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Contributor III
Contributor III

Error Occured During Reload


I developed one of application for policy data.In that I have mainly 5cr of data.But when I start reload application after 4 cr data lading it stop reloading and  show error ?

When I fire same query inside database it loads successfully and show output in table.but inside qlikview it stop reloading and show error ?

So what is problem in it ? can any one tell me solution for same. 

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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist


is it a general error or specific?

Try to enable generate log file checkbox on Settings - Document Properties and then reload: it will generate a file when you can see where the error is given.

You could insert EXIT SCRIPT; statement at the end of first LOAD, reload and do this to till the point where the error will be, so you can circumscribe the issue.

Let us know.


Contributor III
Contributor III

No actually it is general error not scripting error.Inside database by fire query it shows all data in table but same query in qlikview stop after loading 4 cr data ? Should I apply any logic inside script like row no with less than equal to max value ?

Raw no(fields name)

where field value <=Max field values


There is limit on number of distinct records that is 2^31.

Try using debugger and set first 1Cr records and increase the record count to +1Cr

Try using log file and let us know at what point it gives error

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

At first take a look on the RAM consumption of your machine during the loading (strange errors could occur if there isn't enough RAM available). The next look should go to the used database-driver if it could be replaced with another to exclude any failures or limitations on this side.

A further point are possible restrictions on the database maybe there are limitations how many records could be pulled at one time or there might be any timeouts - in this case you could split the loading into smaller slices - in general you should consider to use incremental approaches to avoid such heavy data-loads and to load only new and/or changed data.

If nothing of them is successful it might be helpful to include recno() and rowno() within the load to be able to research the matter on a record-level to find the exact break-point and with them quite probably also the reason.

- Marcus