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Error connecting to QV Server through Excel VBA (using ActiveX)

Hi All,

This is a slightly different issue from what has been asked previously many times by many of the users.


QV Client type:  Internet Explorer Plugin (using the ActiveX object)

QV Server Version: 11.20.13405.0

QV Dashboard location:  Dashboard lies in a remote QV Server

I have an Excel workbook with macros in it which connects to the remote QlikView server and pulls the required data for some of our internal reporting.

Macro basically uses  the C:\Program Files (x86)\QlikView\QvPlugin\QlikOcx.ocx  Active X file to connect to the QV server and extract data underlying a particular Object ID.


One of the users when trying to run the macros gets the error "Failed to open document. You don't have access to this document."

A few quick notes:

  1.   Two other users are able to run the excel macro  and extract the required data from the remote QV server successfully

  2.   User getting the error message has the following:
    • user has the C:\Program Files (x86)\QlikView\QvPlugin\QlikOcx.ocx  installed
    • user has access to the dashboard
    • user is also able to view the dashboard through Internet Explorer with out any issues
    • QV server mgmt team confirmed that the user has the same access levels as the other 2 users.
    • But when this particular user is trying to run the macros, the error "Failed to open document. You don't have access to this document." pops up.

Any help/suggestions on this please ?

Thanks so much for all your time n help in advance…


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