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Execute batch file through Accesspoint - Launch application on Qlik Server

I have assigned a "Launch" action button and I have given the path of a batch file that I created. The objective of the batch file is to run an R-Script on the Qlik server machine where the R program is installed.

The contents of the batch file is:

"C:\Program Files\R\R-3.3.1\bin\Rscript" "\\2013dc\Folder\Sub Contracts\R Codes\Linkage.R"

The test.bat file is present in the UNC path itself so it can be shared by everyone who has access.


The user accessing the Qlikview document in Accesspoint (IE plugin) -outside Qlik server - should click the button to execute the batch script. However the process is not run on the Qlikserver machine.

When the button is used on the Qlik server machine instance, it works perfectly.

The R program software is installed on the Qlik server machine.

How do we make sure that the user can execute the Rscript on the Qlikserver machine from his system on the same network?

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