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Export to XLS not working since Excel build 1703

Hello community!

I have two different problems that I think are related to each other.

Both the problems are happening since we updated Excel to the new 1703 build (with the previous 1609 it did not happen).

The first is the "Send to Excel" function: it doesn't work. It simply nothing happens. It does not work both from the right click function or from the indentation "xls" icon.

The second problem is with the export to Excel via VBScript.

I have a pivot table with two consecutive blank columns. Until now both columns were exported to the Excel file with a VBScript macro, but since this Excel update only one of these columns gets exported causing trouble with the rest of the macro (wrong columns are deleted, table formatting is wrong etc.)

I have a simple workaround for this, but this is not the only table nor qvw with this kind of tables and if this is an Excel bug as I suspect (although I have no confirmation) I would prefer not to update every one of them only to rollback to the previous version after an Excel fix has been released.

I've attached an example .qwv to show you what I mean.

The QlikView version I'm using is the 12.10.20300 SR5

Do something like this happened to you?

Did you manage to solve the problem?

Thank you all!

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Fransisco,

Did you find a solution to your Send to Excel-problem? For me "Send to Excel" opens Excel but does not load any content. No spreadsheet is opened. I'm running the report with IE-Plugin, not Ajax. I'm trying to troubleshoot but drawing a blank as of now.

Im on IE-Plugin to 12.10.20100.0 and Excel to build 1705 (O365 ProPlus, version 8201.2193)

Reinstalled IE-plugin, no luck.

Best Regards /Joakim