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Contributor III

Expression Axis Question

I have a sheet with 4 charts and the data in the charts change depending on selections in list boxes and the different selections can have widely different values so I cannot set a static Max for the Expression Axis in the charts.  Within the 4 charts for a given selection often times the data is very similar if not the same between them however the scales of the Axis can vary making the comparison across difficult.  I also have a button that changes between variables on the charts and there are times that when the new variable is selected the data does not change at all but the axis will change.  Not only the max but the scale of the grid lines.  How can I make this more common across the 4 charts 

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You need to have one expression that gets the max  of all the max values for each chart.

So if you have for example two charts:

1. with expression Sum(Sales) and dimension Product, you can get the max value with: Max(Aggr(Sum(Sales), Product)).

2. with expression Sum(Sales) and dimension Year, you can get the max value with: Max(Aggr(Sum(Sales), Year)).

Then, to get the max of max, you can use: RangeMax(Max(Aggr(Sum(Sales), Product)), Max(Aggr(Sum(Sales), Year))) = this is the expression you should put as the max of each chart axis.


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