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Expression help needed to multiply 2 fields per record and sum the total

I have a set of records that I am filtering out by a status and date. For each record then, I have a score (just the value of a field) and a count of the days the record is active (expression to count a field). In a separate chart or text box, I am trying to create an expression that would multiple the score x the count of active days per record. Then I want to sum that value for all records and divide by the total number of active days. I am able to calculate the total number of active days, but I am having a problem getting a SUM of (Score x # Active Days per record).

Any suggestions?

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Not sure if this would work based on your requirement:

(sum(TOTAL (<Score> * <Active Days>))) / <Active Days>

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I didn't have luck with this one. I have attached an example QVW with the expected results noted that I am trying to get.