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Four Week Average at Script Level

Hello Stefan,

Script is working fine for the example you had shared earlier where I had  numbers.

However when i apply the same script to big numbers i am not getting the desired results in QV.

I have attached excel file for your reference, where red font shows the results coming for four week averages in QV. And below is the script used.


[Fiscal Week Ending],
[Sales Out $],
Rangesum([Sales Out $],peek([Sales Out $],-1),peek([Sales Out $],-2),peek([Sales Out $],-3))as myRollingAvg

Request you to provide your view on this.


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I'm afraid you've done something wrong somewhere. If I load your Test rolling.xls in qlikview and use the load script you posted, the values are calculated correctly.

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Hello Gysbert

Thanks for your reply.

I have the new data in the excel sheet attached in another query i am going to post now.

I am not getting the correct results for this.

Kindly have a look and  advice.