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Contributor III
Contributor III

Full hyperlink not showing when exporting to Excel

Hi I am using hyperlink in a expression on a straight table

='=HYPERLINK(''<URL>' & [AttachAP.URL] &''

The link works in qlikview but when I export the data in to Excel the link in the field just says 



How can I show the full link so the user just has to click on it?  Thanks

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Former Employee
Former Employee

Best I have is the following Help link, but I do not know if that is going to do the trick or not.  I would suspect the underlying issue is not us, it is the BIFF translator, which we get from Microsoft, not being able to sort things out such that Excel knows to make that a hyperlink would be my best hunch.

Only thing of which I can think would be to try exporting to a .csv file once to see if by chance when you open that in Excel if things work or not, as if they do, then my theory may be on the right track in that case.


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