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Functionality implementation

Hi All,

I need to design a page with the following functionality:

1) The first page will contain a Search Page with default Search Attributes Like : Customer Name , Customer ID.

2) If the User wants to search with any other parameter, then User will click on the check Boxes available in the Left side panel of the page and click on OK.

3) Selected values will be displayed onto the Search Page.

4) User will provide the values in the Search Page and click on Search Button.

5) Then the next page will be displayed with a report based on the selections.

I am not able to think of a solution to implement the functionality mentioned in point 2 and 3. Attached is an image for reference.

Request you to help on this.

Thanks in advance.

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You can use a listbox with a checkbox style to allow the user to select attributes. You can use the system field $Field as source for the listbox, but it may be easier to create a small inline table in the script and use that instead. You can create input box objects for the search boxes. You can use the conditional display option of these objects to show/hide them as needed based on the selections the user makes in the search attributes listbox. You can read how to use selections and conditional display expressions in this blog post: Customizable Straight Table. For hiding entire objects instead of chart columns you need the Conditional option on the Layout tab of an objects properties window.

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Specialist II
Specialist II

Hi Mansi,

See attached example.

Let me know if your requirement is something else.




Hi Gysbert and Balkumar,

That helped....thanks