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GeoAggrGeometry() - JSON protocol parse error

Hi Qlikers,

This question is in regards to QlikSense Map object. I wanted to create few map charts in Qlik Sense application. I did a homework and i went through all basic tips & tricks like:

Hidden gems in Qlik Sense geospatial functions

How To Convert Shape File to KML for Qlik Sense Using GDAL

So i have started with postcodes of Australia and i used GDAL solution to reduce KML file. I actually managed to reduce it down to the size where each postcode was still very well plotted and the "hypercube error" did not pop-up.

I went step further and i have decided to group postcodes into larger areas. I used for this GeoAggrGeometry() built in script function. This is where my problems started. I could not manage to use aggregated area in charts as it  throwing an error on chart: JSON protocol parse error.


I assume it has something to do with aggregated area / it is probably not aggregated properly and cannot be plotted - that is my quess.

Have you ever come accross this issue? Could you please suggest how we can deal with it?

please find attached:

  • QVF file if you want to have a look
  • Original kml file (postcodes1.kml) - it was not used in geoaggrgeometry().
  • Reduced with GDAL kml file (postcodes.kml)



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Partner - Creator


I have the same issue after use GeoAggrGeometry function with a Group BY.

Here my code :



    "Groupe Région",


    "Code Région",

    GeoAggrGeometry(KML_DEP) AS "KML_Région"


GROUP BY "Code Région","Groupe Région","Région";

KML_DEP is a Polygon and it works when I use this dimension in map object but when I use KML Région i have the same issue "Erreur D'analyse du protocole JSON".

Anyone have an idea please ?