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Get data corresponding to last month

Hi All,

I have data in the following format:

Date               Value

-------------------   -----------------

11-Nov-2013    1000

12-Nov-2013    1500

01-Dec-2013     700

02-Jan-2014      900

I need an expression to get the ratio of values in the following manner:

Date               Ratio Value

-------------------   -----------------

11-Nov-2013    ---

12-Nov-2013    ---

01-Dec-2013     700/1000(Current Month's value/ Last month's latest value)

02-Jan-2014      900/700  (Current Month's value/ Last month's latest value)

Is this possible through expressions in Table Chart?

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Hey Sudeep,

You can achieve it through Set analysis if you want to do it on the front end.

But I usually try to do all calculations on the back-end for performance reasons. Every calculation that Qlikview performs on the front end eats up memory.

The file attached shows how to do it on the back end.

Hope it helps you.