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Partner - Creator

GetCurrentSelections function that excludes two filters


For the Label and Conditional show of an expression in my chart I have the following expressions:

Label: =GetCurrentSelections()

Conditional: =Len(Trim(GetCurrentSelections())> 0)

However, I want to exclude the filters 'KPIs' and 'Sheet', so that when values are selected in these fields, they don't show up in my GetCurrentSelections() function. Is this possible?

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you could load the fields you don't want showing up with a hide prefix

in you script add something like this

SET HidePrefix = % ;


KPIs as %KPI…..

Once you load the field name with the hide prefix in this case % any selections in that field will not appear in your get currentselection() expression

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

The suggestion from sana.ismail is the easiest way and might be exactly want you need but it meant also that selections in those fields won't be displayed within the current selection box and within a dimension-choice by creating or maintaining an object you will need to enable the show system-field option to get access to them.

- Marcus