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Getting help with loading multiple excel Like pull the recent data from recent excel

I Am getting a data in excel on monthly basis.But every month i get two months data.

Like current month and previous month.

XL file on oct i have data like Sep and Oct Data a.

xl file on NOv i have data from oct and NOv.


Now i want to delete the oct data from oct file and use from Nov Data.automatically

How can i acheive this 

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Creator III
Creator III


Sample data and App would be helpful to write actual script. 

However, you can  first Load the Nov data (Which Holds data for Oct and Nov) then you can load the previous file/s with 

Not Exists  function on the KEY in your where clause. It will remove the OCT data from Oct file. 


i mean the data which i get is on monthly basis i wont get all data at a time 

sep i got aug and sep data

oct i got sep and oct data.

In oct refresh i want to pull sep and oct data from oct file and aug data from sep file


In november

Load the excel of the month (oct and nov)

Concatenate the .qvd of the previous stored months where not exists year-month (you load all months from .qvd excluding october)

Save the table in a .qvd


In december

Load the excel of the month (nov and dec)

Concatenate the .qvd of the previous stored months where not exists year-month (you load all months all months from .qvd excluding november)

Save the table in a .qvd


Repeat every month