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Contributor III
Contributor III

Handle performance of dashboard having 30 top 5 graphs & tables on 1 page

Hi All,

I have this qlikview dahboard which has 25 graphs and 5 charts all showing top 5 based on different conditions on 1 page. Data is just 4 lakh of rows but the performance of the dashboard is bad. Main reason- as soon as you click anywhere all charts do refresh. variables are being used in all the charts . I have changed them not to use $(=variable) in set analysis. Any suggestions on improving the performance. Dimension limit as well as rank aggr is being used in separate charts ..Please help

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Partner - Master III
Partner - Master III

not sure how we much can help.. my friend.
my first recommendation would be to redesign the dashboard. i dont imagine the number of charts in 1 sheet being readable or user friendly

if no other way
use rob's document analyze to properly diagnose the app
remove unnecessary columns
visualizations with aggr, inner set analysis,if conditions would be my first point of attack.