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Help Needed with Parallel Coordinates Chart

Hi All,

Posting this in a different group in the hope that someone will take pity on me and help!

I've got a parallel coordinate chart, all is working fine (love this chart!) but I have a couple of queries from a user.

1  Is it possible to have the different nodes remain where they are and only the lines remain / disappear when selections are made?

I have tried all the normal things: show all values on the dimension, made sure supress zero values and supress missing on the presentation tab are unticked but cannot think of what else to do.  I don't know if there might be something in the second dimension that could be amended?  Can anyone help or suggest things I can try?

2  How do I replace the node_percent with, for example the value instead?  I've tried a few things and I seem to get a sum across all lines or something.  My use of the AGGR() and CONCAT() is clearly not up to the standard of the crazy genius who originally designed this chart ... 🙂

Any help gratefully received!

Many thanks,


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