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Help me to find out the answer

please help me to find out the answer.I got the following questions from internet.

1.Describe Section Access architecture?

There are two good reasons to implement section access into your documents.

To help protect your data from unauthorized access.

To limit what data authorized users can see and what they can do.

2.What is the difference between Authentication & Authorization in QlikView? And how to implement them?

3.What is the difference between File System Security vs Section Access?

4.Explain “Strict Exclusion” while implementing Section Access and what are the implications of not using this option?

5.How do you implement Section Access on hierarchy based data?

6.What are the multiple protocols defined for client communication with QVS?

7.Explain different communication encryptions for Windows Client & AJAX Client?

8.What is the use of Anonymous User Account in QVS?

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