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Help needed on Expression

Hi All,

I have to achive below expression for one of the report. Please refer to the attached QVW.

  1. If Id = 1, show the Date1 with Green background where Types exist.
  2. If there is no Types existed for City, show as 'NO'
  3. If Status='Status1' then show 'YES' else show Date1 (If Date1 <= Today() date show with Yellow background else with Green background).


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I put this together in the #1,2,3 order of precedence that you outlined. Let me know if all conditions are met accurately

Status expression:


  if( count ( distinct Types)>=1, if (Status='Status1', 'YES', Date1),'NO'



Status Background Color formula:

if( Id=1 , LightGreen(),

  if( count ( distinct Types)>=1,

  if (Status='Status1', yellow(),

  if( Date1<Today(), yellow(),LightGreen())





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Hi Jonathan,

Thanks a lot for help . I am still checking. I will implement to my actual requirement and let you know.

Thanks again.