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Hi guys,

I'm in trouble with an expression.

I have to do the sum of Field3 ONLY if Field1 = Field2.

I tried to solve my problem using this expression:

=sum( {$<Field1 = Field2>} Field3 )

but unfortunately it doesn't work.

It works fine only if I select a value from a list box, but I need it works with any selection.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Set analysis is based on selected vlaues. If you want it to work without the selection try sum(if())   something like:   sum(if(Field1= Field2, Field3,0)   Regards  Rahul Lakhina

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Hi Rahul,

First of all, thank you so much for your reply.

I alredy tried that kind of formula and it doesn't work.

I thought it could work.



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What data do you have in Field 1 and 2 can you post an example? Plus you might have to aggr this over your dimension.   Try:   aggr(sum(if(Field1= Field2, Field3,0) ,dimension)   Regards  RL

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Field 1 and 2 are plates of trucks.

Unfortunately it's quite difficult to me to post an example.

I tried aggr function but it doesn't work.

Thanks Rahul.



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I can say you that Field 1 is in TAB1, Field2 & Field3 are in TAB2.

Hope it helps to better understand.

@Chris: Thanks a lot