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Help with a Generic Key

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Looking for some help with my data model. The attachment contains sample sales data for five customers that is distributed across 4 salesman and three divisions. My current application is similar in structure to the one that is attached.

Now I wish to add meeting data containing Dates & Customer Numbers (also contained in the SalesData table) as well as the salesman (contained in the Sales Allocation table). It is also possible for a salesman to visit a customer to which he is not allocated.

I would prefer not to join all of the tables together as it functions as a cross-check to make sure that all of the allocations sum to 100%.

How can I structure these without creating a synthetic key?

After some research it would appear that I need to create a Generic Key that contains all possible combinations of Customer/Date/Salesman for all of the data to display as needed. I am trying to work through the examples that I have found, but having some issues. Can someone set this up with the data provided as an example?

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