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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hiding some columns in a chart but showing others of the same dimension

Good morning Qlik Community,

I want to combine current fiscal year actuals( 1st 7 fiscal periods) and remaining periods as bgt (periods 8-12).  Also the totals and %'s and difference columns out to the right.  What I want the output to look like is in the paste below.  Attached is the qvw with the details(Act/Fcst tab).  If anyone could help it would be much appreciated.




  ActActActActActActActBgtBgtBgtBgtBgtTotal Act&FcstTotal Budget% Act& Fcst /BudgetO/(U) Budget
AccountDescription                   Period 1Period 2Period 3Period 4Period 5Period 6Period 7Period 8Period 9Period 10Period 11Period 12   Variance
                                     AprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecJanFebMar    Total    Total  
920000Headcount                         (2.2)
930000Contract Labor Headcount0.                0.1
 SUBTOTAL - Salaries53,81366,61250,69563,71256,64255,14472,02566,18269,28472,60763,52569,964760,205821,68293%($61,477)
613010Year End Bonus0000000017,50000017,50017,500100%$0
 SUBTOTAL - Bonus0000000017,50000017,50017,500100%$0
616010401(K) Matching Contribution2,2552,3482,0102,0553,1582,0862,9202,6752,8052,9452,5632,83330,65333,25192%($2,598)
 SUBTOTAL - Expenses on Allowance for Retirement2,2552,3482,0102,0553,1582,0862,9202,6752,8052,9452,5632,83330,65333,25192%($2,598)
618010Payroll Taxes4,5244,7693,7664,9484,3054,1775,3194,8725,1096,8355,9266,30960,85965,52593%($4,666)
 SUBTOTAL - Legal Welfare4,5244,7693,7664,9484,3054,1775,3194,8725,1096,8355,9266,30960,85965,52593%($4,666)
   -----------  -----------  -----------  -----------  -----------  -----------  -----------  -----------  -----------  -----------  -----------  -----------  -----------  -----------  -----------  ----------- 
 TOTAL - Salary & Related60,59173,72956,47170,71564,10561,40780,26473,72894,69882,38772,01479,107869,217937,95793%($68,740)
 Avg Personel Exp Per Hdct3,0393,8622,8243,2142,9822,7293,2112,9493,7883,2952,8813,16437,92537,518101%$407
620030Group Medical Premiums15,6208,86713,78023,31019,45719,15120,70420,70420,70420,70420,70420,703224,406248,44290%($24,036)
620031Group Dental Premiums302467162400952194564564554554564554,3785,46680%($1,088)
620082Life & Disab Insurance3941321,166282-8444101221221221221221222,2711,461155%$810
620084Worker's Compensation8568568568568568565375365375375375378,3536,438130%$1,915
620090Uniforms/Work Shoes/Glasses0000004004004004004004002,4004,80050%($2,400)
620091Medical Transport00070000000007000%$70
 SUBTOTAL - Welfare Expense17,17210,32115,96424,91819,56420,63622,21722,21722,21722,21722,21722,217241,878266,60791%($24,729)
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Contributor III
Contributor III


I got the hiding of columns to work by adding some text to the load script.  In my actuals table I added

if(trans_date < '12/1/2019',1,0) as hide_amount,


'act' as act_bgt,

In the budget tables I have 12 of them, 1 for each period.  I added

'bgt' as act_bgt,
'0' as hide_amount,  //for periods 1-8 and '1' as hide_amount for periods 9-12.


Then in Set Analysis my expression is Sum({<FiscalYear ={2019}, hide_amount={1}>}dom_amount).  


This was able to get me the columns that I need but I need to change '0' and '1' in 2 of  the bgt tables each month and the if(trans_date < '12/1/2019',1,0) to '1/1/2020',.  What I am struggling with now is get the 12 month Budget total to show, if I don't want the detail by period to show? 

Support (Former)
Support (Former)

Have a look at the following Design Blog post, not exactly the same as what you are doing, but I am hopeful it may help:


The only other thing I think would be to use Set Analysis to get your total... There are quite a few Design Blog posts on Set Analysis items, here is the base URL for future reference, you can use that to search etc.


Sorry I do not have something better for you.


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